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APH Job Listings: 

Email your application and resume to for all positions.


Opening for Clinical Analyst/Clinical Educator:

Knowledge and Ability – RN certification desired; knowledge of hospital clinical operations required.  Good computer skills are a must.  Experience using Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office applications [e.g. Word, Excel] are a must.  Project management skills a plus.  Any experience in a healthcare setting is also a plus.

Experience -- 2 years of experience with computer information systems, software applications, providing support to users.  2 years of experience in a hospital setting; previous informatics experience


Openings for the Emergency Room:


Full time, part time, PRN. Days/Nights.


  • RNs -- Experience Preferred


Openings for the Acute Medical Unit:


Full time, part time. Days/Nights.

·         RNs

·         CNAs

Medical Technologist:

Full Time and Weekends with Weekend Package Deal



Job position of LPN for the recovery unit:


Position Summary:

Responsible for performing direct patient care according to standards set for quality patient care.  Responsible for performing duties as assigned by Charge Nurse on duty.  Responsible for charting all pertinent information on patient records in a timely manner.




  1. Administer medication and other medical treatment as prescribed by attending physician.
  2. Working knowledge of medication, give, side effects, compatibilities, contra-indications.
  3. Participate with Treatment Team in planning and implementing therapeutic approach for individual patients.
  4. Attend patient’s treatment planning and progress review conferences.
  5. Make rounds with physician when required in order to co-ordinate patient care.  Strive to obtain high standards of nursing care for all patients.
  6. Aid in the training of new personnel.
  7. Chart patient progress and other pertinent data in the patient’s records.  Assume responsibility for drug storage, counting, and administration.  Supervise care administered by Mental Health Technicians.
  8. Monitor patient’s condition.  Any unusual conditions or changes are reported to the Charge Nurse promptly.
  9. Performs any additional duties or functions as delegated by the Charge Nurse in the care of patients or the function of the unit. 

Organizational Relationships:

Reports To: Program Director and Director of Nurses Recovery Unit


Job Requirements:


Knowledge and Ability

Knowledge of all nursing skills involved with direct patient care.  Knowledgeable in charting procedures for medical documentation.  Knowledgeable in medication administration. Current in BLS and CPI.



 One year nursing experience preferred but not required.


License and Certifications –

Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Current LPN license.



Psychiatric Unit: Experience preferred but not required



RN – Days / Nights

Email your application and resume to Camille Tramel, DON at   or for these positions in the Psychiatric Unit.



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